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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dryden Fiber is a Municipal Internet Service Provider operated by the Town of Dryden. Dryden Fiber seeks to provide a low cost, state-of-the-art internet service for all residents.
Fiber optics offer speed and capacity that can accommodate evolving technology. This future-proof infrastructure will last decades and provide advancing speeds for our customers.
Please refer to the 'MAP' in the main menu.
Our service levels and prices can be found under'SERVICES' in the main menu. Dryden Fiber will continue to look for ways to lower costs for residents. Dryden Fiber’s revenue stays in Dryden and is directed back into the project, not to shareholder profits.
Please refer to 'SERVICES' in the main menu.
No installation fee is charged for installations less than 500 feet from the road or street. Distances beyond 500’ will be negotiated with customers on a case by case basis.
Provided is a Fiber Optic Modem with an Ethernet port and single Plume SuperPod with WiFi 6E. Subscribers to Dryden Fiber can receive one (1) Plume HomePass unit included in their monthly fee at no additional charge. For subscribers who would like additional Wifi Plume units, the fee is a one time purchase fee of $95.
Plume SuperPods provide cutting edge WiFi6 for use with in your home or business with Dryden Fiber. Dryden Fiber customers enjoy Plume’s exceptional products and service at no additional costs. A free subscription to HomePass is included.
Yes, you can purchase additional pods from Dryden Fiber.
No, you can use own self supported WiFi device or router. Please note that Dryden Fiber support is limited to the supported Fiber Modem and a single PlumeSuper Pod provided.
Dryden Fiber does not require a long-term contract for residential service.
No. Dryden Fiber provides internet service only. Third-party services can be used for phone and television provided over Dryden Fiber.
Yes. Dryden Fiber encourages auto-pay to avoid service interruptions.
Yes, you can prepay and use a seasonal hold on your account.

Dryden Fiber provides support by phone.

(607) 844-8888