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Dryden Fiber’s managed WiFi service is powered by Plume® HomePass, offering the best Consumer Experience Platform for your home Wi-Fi.

Dryden Fiber’s managed WiFi service

Plume includes these convenient features: Whole Home Coverage with Adaptive WiFi6 With the fastest WiFi available, you can add devices for the perfect coverage. Subscribers to Dryden Fiber can receive one (1) Plume HomePass unit included in their monthly fee at no additional charge. For subscribers who would like additional Wifi Plume units, the fee is a one time purchase fee of $95.

Take Control With Plume® HomePass App

Ultimate Security

Stop threats before they happen with the HomePass Apps advanced security features.
* One WiFi device included. Additional WiFi devices can be purchased for $95 each.
Limited Guest Access Limit and control guest access to your home network by creating guest WiFi access. Parental Controls with the Plume App, parents can make the internet a better place for their children by filtering inappropriate content as well as allowing limits to be set on screen time.

Download HomePass™ for your device.