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Residential Service

Silver Silver Up to 400 Mbps Download and 400 Mbps Upload for $45 /month
Gold Gold Up to 700 Mbps Download and 700 Mbps Upload for $75 /month
Platinum Platinum Up to 1 Gbps Download and 1 Gbps Upload for
$90 /month

No hidden fees, no contracts.

Symmetrical service – Equal Upload and Download speeds.

The best Managed WiFi with WiFi6 and expandable equipment.

Rate Reduction Model – Dryden Fiber will seek to reduce the rates for all subscribers in the future!  This depends on your participation, the more subscribers Dryden Fiber has, the more value can be passed along to the customers. 

Affordability – Dryden Fiber encourages all that qualify to participate in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program.  This program offers a discount of up to $30 per month towards internet for eligible households that cannot afford the costs. 


Business Service

  • Custom Solutions Available, Contact us with your requests. 
  • Dedicated bandwidth (Fiber Ethernet).
  • Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions.