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Tips to Get You Started

Our goal is for you to love this service. Here are a few tips to get your started:

  • All invoices will come on the 1st of the month starting the month after your service is installed.
  • Invoices will only be sent to the email on file.  Please be looking for an email from or Dryden Fiber via
  • You will receive an introductory email before the first invoice from our billing platform with a link to set up a login and password for our self-service portal.  Once you set up your account you will be able to manage your payment methods and set up automatic payments.
  • You may use your own Wi-Fi router, however, our service team can only provide support for Dryden Fiber owned equipment (Plume SuperPod).
  • If you are subscribing to our managed Wi-Fi service you can refer to their website for frequently asked questions You may also reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions or difficulties with your Plume SuperPod(s). 
  • If you need extended Wireless Coverage throughout your location, you may add additional Plume Pods.  Customers are provided one pod with their service. Subscribers who would like additional Plume pods, you will be billed a one time purchase fee of $95/each (dependant on market prices).
  • Dryden Fiber does not provide email services.  However, if you have a global email (ex. Yahoo or Gmail) then nothing will change.  If your email address is currently through your previous service provider, such as Spectrum, they may delete this address after discontinuing services with them.  You will need to contact the provider for more information.
  • Dryden Fiber does NOT include any TV or streaming subscriptions.