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Cortland Standard Editorial: Go, Dryden broadband, go

Cortland Standard editorial, published Friday, October 13th, 2023

Living “off the grid” is great — if you’re so inclined. No ringing of a telephone to disturb your peace, no social media to distract you. Maybe that will be our retirement plan; quiet country living certainly sounds like a welcome break from the noise and tumult of a busy world.

Kelles, Dryden Officials Praise Passage of Telecommunications Legislation

WXHC reported on the press conference following the passage of NY State telecommunications legislation.


On Monday, Assemblymember Anna Kelles and local officials in Dryden celebrated the passage of legislation introduced during this year’s legislative session that promises to reshape the telecommunications landscape for residents across New York State.

A1260 Broadband Bill Signed Press Conference

Assemblymember Kelles and Dryden local officials celebrate Gov. Hochul signing bill A1260 into law, allowing local municipalities to bond for broadband infrastructure.

Watch the press conference here:

Dryden Fiber project enters phase three

Tompkins Weekly, September 27th, 2023, "Dryden Fiber project enters phase three"

The Dryden Fiber project recently entered phase three, as Dryden officials continue their mission of providing widespread broadband service.

Town hires broadband marketer, installation coordinator for Dryden Fiber

Tompkins Weekly published a Dryden Fiber update in the Dryden Dispatch column on June 21, 2023.

The Town of Dryden is making moves as its municipal broadband project continues to gain traction.

The Dryden Town Board recently approved the hirings of a marketer and an installation coordinator for Dryden Fiber.

Schedule and Phasing Map Released

The Schedule and Phasing Map has been posted to

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