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Bridging the Gap Together, Delivering Broadband to Rural Communities

The Internet is the backbone of today's world, yet nearly 1 in 5 American households are unserved. $100B of federal stimulus is now starting to flow from numerous programs (ARPA, BEAD, RDOF), aiming to make high-speed internet accessible for all. Many regional service providers, utilities and municipalities already are building networks to support connections and bridge connectivity gaps.

In this panel discussion you’ll hear from a utility in Alabama (Cullman Electric) that launched scalable broadband to its rural community and an engineering consultancy in New York (HUNT Engineers and Architects) that teamed up with a local municipality (Town of Dryden) to deliver a locally owned municipal broadband network to its residents – the first of its kind in New York State.  Panel members will share their experiences rolling out broadband to improve education, strengthen healthcare, and empower their communities through expanded high-speed broadband infrastructure.

Watch the video on the Ciena website...