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Cortland Standard Editorial: Go, Dryden broadband, go

Cortland Standard editorial, published Friday, October 13th, 2023

Living “off the grid” is great — if you’re so inclined. No ringing of a telephone to disturb your peace, no social media to distract you. Maybe that will be our retirement plan; quiet country living certainly sounds like a welcome break from the noise and tumult of a busy world.

Schedule and Phasing Map Released

The Schedule and Phasing Map has been posted to

Bridging the Gap Together, Delivering Broadband to Rural Communities

The Internet is the backbone of today's world, yet nearly 1 in 5 American households are unserved. $100B of federal stimulus is now starting to flow from numerous programs (ARPA, BEAD, RDOF), aiming to make high-speed internet accessible for all. Many regional service providers, utilities and municipalities already are building networks to support connections and bridge connectivity gaps.

Light Reading: The Divide Podcast

Jason Leifer, Dryden Town Supervisor; Ryan Garrison, director of technology at HUNT Engineers, Architects & Surveyors; and Gina Nienaber, director of portfolio marketing at Ciena, join the podcast to discuss Dryden Fiber: a new municipal fiber network being deployed in Tompkins County, New York.

Town of Dryden Fiber Website Launch

Welcome to the website for Town of Dryden Fiber.

Additional updates and information will be provided as we make progress with this project via this web site. Please stay tuned for additional updates. 

If you are interested in obtaining fiber internet services in the future, please be sure to sign up to our waitlist available on this website. 

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